Brenda Cass, Design Technology Specialist

Archer & Buchanan Welcomes Brenda Cass

Archer & Buchanan Architecture is pleased to welcome Brenda Cass to our team as Design Technology Specialist. Contributing over 20 years of experience in the residential design market, Brenda will...Read More
a new architect to work on aspects of projects and contribute ideas with the other architects when planning the space for buildings or a house

Archer & Buchanan Welcomes Rachel Birch

Archer & Buchanan is pleased to welcome Rachel Birch, RA, to our team as Project Architect. Following completion of her architecture education at the University of Washington (MArch) and University...Read More
hand drawn floor plan of house

Visual Communication in Architectural Design

The most powerful tools employed by architects throughout the architectural design process are the methods of visual communication used to effectively illustrate and convey ideas, principles and concepts to a...Read More
Residential architect, brings a clients vision and ideas to life in their space, understands the importance of being there for the client throughout the entire process, construction process, and design process. We want to create a residential or office space that is perfect for your family.

Archer & Buchanan Welcomes Chris Marucci

Archer & Buchanan Architecture is happy to welcome Chris Marucci, Architectural Designer, to our team. Chris, a graduate of Thomas Jefferson University, joins us with four years of experience including...Read More
Benjamin Nia, AIA

Archer & Buchanan Welcomes Benjamin Nia

ARCHER & BUCHANAN ARCHITECTURE is pleased to welcome Benjamin Nia, AIA, to the firm as Senior Project Architect.  With over 20 years of experience in architectural design, documentation and construction...Read More
Cheri Privor Interior Deisgner

Archer & Buchanan Welcomes Cheri Privor

ARCHER & BUCHANAN ARCHITECTURE is excited to welcome Cheri Privor, Interior Designer, to our team.  Following a successful career as a journalist in Washington, DC, Cheri pursued her passion for...Read More
study with green walls

For Consideration: The Power of Color

As we find ourselves relegated to the indoors and staring at our walls, many of us are probably noticing things we have dismissed or ignored. One of those things is...Read More
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