Brenda Cass, Design Technology Specialist

Archer & Buchanan Welcomes Brenda Cass

Archer & Buchanan Architecture is pleased to welcome Brenda Cass to our team as Design Technology Specialist. Contributing over 20 years of experience in the residential design market, Brenda will be instrumental in leading the A&B team in the ongoing development and implementation of our Building Information Modeling and construction documentation technical standards.

Before branching into architectural design, Brenda partnered in a home renovation business that fostered her understanding of construction processes. Since then, she’s had a strong desire to help bridge the gap between concept and constructable reality. Beginning with a trade-based technical degree from Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, mastery of AutoCAD and, later, Revit, Brenda has continued throughout her career to grow her repertoire of technological skills and knowledge. With these tools, she creates clear and concise documentation that paves the way for a smooth building process.

Brenda finds the greatest challenges and rewards in “figuring out the puzzle”; tapping her problem-solving skills, attention to details, and broad understanding of construction methodologies to determine how something should go together and then using her technical skills to document it.

Long-time colleague and firm principal Doug Hertsenberg notes, “Calling on her years of technical and construction experience, Brenda Cass has mastered the architectural presentation and documentation process to maximize efficiency while maintaining a high degree of accuracy. She always strives to improve her skills and knowledge which, through mentorship, she then imparts on others. Brenda is a key teammate and colleague and a significant contributor to the success of the firm.”

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