hobbit house front elevation

Hobbit House at Dragonfly Knoll

Clients in Mosier, Oregon, envisioned building a getaway cottage designed in the spirit of a J.R.R. Tolkien Hobbit House on their 27-acre rural property. The resulting project, the Hobbit House...Read More
exterior of vintage car garage and guest suite

Garage & Guest Suite

ARCHER & BUCHANAN DESIGNED a standalone garage in Gladwyne to hold a client’s vintage car collection. The new structure is set into the hillside running adjacent to the driveway of...Read More

Red Clay Farm Barn

WHEN THE RED CLAY FARM was restored, the barn served as an on-site wood shop and job center. Once those needs were met, a restoration returned the barn to its...Read More

Dance Barn at Trimble’s Ford

THIS OLD BARN BEGAN LIFE as an 18th c. farm house which underwent heavily Victorian-influenced changes in the 1870’s and was ultimately abandoned in the 1970’s. From these tattered remains came...Read More
Beers Barn 920 Grubbs Mill Road 6

Dee-Pop’s Party Barn

CREATING THE PERFECT GRANDCHILD-TRAP was the goal of our energetic grandparent clients. With a sharp focus on making family occasions as memorable and fun as possible without necessarily overwhelming their cozy...Read More

Cor-Ten Cattails

THE DESIGN OF THE COR-TEN CATTAILS was inspired by the Arts & Crafts style house that it surrounds on a 12-acre estate in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. While performing as a fence to...Read More

Arts and Crafts Garage

DESIGNED FOR THE DISPLAY and keeping of finer automobiles, this timber frame and masonry garage beautifully complements the Arts and Crafts style pebble-dash home designed by our firm in 2002....Read More

Kennett Square Pool House

NESTLED IN THE ROLLING HILLS of Chester County, this pool house recalls the small, stone spring houses found on 18th century farmsteads in Pennsylvania. To anchor the stone building to the...Read More

Hobbit House

AN AVID AND SERIOUS COLLECTOR of J.R.R. Tolkien books, manuscripts and artifacts, this client desired a cottage-like setting based on Tolkien’s writings and imagery of a home for a Hobbit. This...Read More

Pool Pavilion

AN OUTDOOR LIVING SPACE created for relaxing and entertaining while relishing prime views of the gardens and pool, this 16’ x 24’ pavilion is constructed atop an existing brick and...Read More

Rosedon Carriage House

THE SIX-CAR GARAGE built on the property of a c.1902 Main Line Philadelphia estate was designed to suggest it was built at the time of the original construction of the home....Read More


HOUSED IN A STRUCTURE reminiscent 18th and 19th century Bucks County barns, this new 2,500 SF pool house provides a thoroughly modern living and entertaining space. Stone gable end walls, timber...Read More

Nature Pavilion

DESIGNED FOR A NATURE-LOVING COUPLE, the Nature Pavilion is tucked into the tree line on a natural plateau, far enough from the clients’ house to be a retreat destination, yet...Read More

Mercer Hill Garage

BUILT TO FULFILL A VARIETY OF NEEDS, this garage houses one daily-driven and two antique cars in a simple space made of timber and white-washed masonry that serves as a...Read More
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