Windurra USA Indoor Arena


Set on more than 75 acres, the Windurra USA complex located in Cochranville, Pennsylvania, includes a 100 x 220 foot indoor horse training arena designed by Archer & Buchanan Architecture.  The complex serves as the main training facility of international eventing athlete Boyd Martin and international dressage athlete Silva Martin.  The Martin’s goals, culled from their myriad of experiences riding in arenas worldwide, combined with our firm’s familiarity with equestrian needs, practices and principles resulted in a truly world-class facility. The steel structure with insulated roof, ridge skylight and fully operable glass garage-style doors and custom curved kick wall provides a functional enclosure for the EuroTex footing indoor horse training arena with subsurface watering.

To learn more about what went into the design of this facility, visit our Announcements page.

Architecture structures with large ceilings offer history in the project when designing with the builder.
Ridge skylight in indoor horse training arena
A person riding horses inside a building. This could have once been an office or a studio that an architect transformed into a country style site. Numerous projects may have a similar idea and environment, but the builder might proceed with construction and art very differently.
A person riding a horse in an architecture creation.
A person riding a horse. Latin architectus or a roman architect might have completed similar projects before. These can be used for inspiration when working on houses or other commercial spaces. The interiors of a site range in techniques and design.
International eventing athlete Boyd Martin on horse next to kick wall in indoor training arena
A person riding a horse. Air conditioning is the own right of the space owner. Planning ideas with an architect is helpful for development of structures and art materials.
Horse training arena in Cochranville, PA at dusk
A building surrounded by trees, distinctive structure in the natural world by an architect, environmental sustainability architects work on aspects of buildings or elements of a family house.
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