Bryn Mawr Residential & Commercial Development

Bryn Mawr

BRYN MAWR, the quintessential Philadelphia main line suburb, has seen the charm of its commercial streets lessened by an increase in oversized, non-descript single-use buildings, property-fronting parking lots, and reduced planting and landscape. Through zoning, the Township has tried to reclaim the character that makes Bryn Mawr such a desirable residential community by encouraging mixed-use development and street- and pedestrian-friendly design. With that in mind, the 12,000 SF residential and commercial building is designed to reinforce the street edge, provide adequate space for outdoor dining, and bring upper floor apartments to the commercial district. Brick, the typical material of 19th century commercial Bryn Mawr, is set in decorative patterns and coursing that give scale and character to the fa├žade and serves to differentiate between the street level commercial use and the upper floor residential use.

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